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New OLMS Union Trust Annual Reporting Report Requirement

Form T-1 Finalized for Unions to Report Related Funds The Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) published, on March 6, 2020, a final rule establishing a Form T–1 Trust Annual Report that requires annual reporting by Form LM-2 filing labor organizations on financial information pertinent to “trusts in which a labor organization is interested” (“section 3(l)… Read more »

Covid-19 Update

Archer, Byington, Glennon & Levine LLP is here to help. These are uncertain times. Will union members get wages? Are they eligible for unemployment? Is paid sick leave being extended? Should members go to work? All these issues will be asked in both union and non-union workplaces. We are here to help. Please know that… Read more »

Multiemployer Pension Funding Outlook

A recent study by Milliman has found that multiemployer pension funds have reached pre-2008 recession funding levels and that more are 100% or greater funded than compared with the pre-recession period. While this bodes well for multiemployer plans, the report noted that over 100 plans are funded below 50% versus 28 plans below 50% funded… Read more »

Kickbacks Caught and Debarment Ensues

The NYC Comptroller’s office recently announced the resolution of a prevailing wage prosecution of K&S Contracting for failing to pay workers their required wages.  A copy of the press release may be found here:  Click Here for Comptroller Press Link

The Value of Apprenticeship Programs

The construction industry has long supported and recognized the value of apprenticeship programs.  The value of these programs –to both workers and businesses — is confirmed yet again in a recent article released by the U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration. The text from that article can be found here: THE BENEFITS AND COSTS OF APPRENTICESHIPS:… Read more »

Labor Jeers Stingy Con Ed; Pushes New Prevailing Wage Bill

Labor Jeers Stingy Con Ed; Pushes New Prevailing Wage Bill May 21, 2013 By Joe Maniscalco Labor leaders Vincent Alvarez, Kyle Bragg and Jim Slevin criticize Con Ed. New York, NY – A new bill introduced in the State Assembly could soon have a big impact on the lives of underpaid contract security guards and… Read more »

Marty Glennon quoted in Newsday Article on Post-Sandy Clean-up Contract Probe NY labor laws at center of Sandy cleanup contract probes April 13, 2013 by KEITH HERBERT AND SARAH CRICHTON /, Labor laws designed to keep workers from being exploited, and ensure taxpayers aren’t shorted, are at the center of investigations into post-Sandy cleanup on Long Island. Sources in Nassau and Suffolk counties… Read more »

Obama Nominates Justice Aide for Labor Post

The New York Times WASHINGTON – President Obama on Monday nominated Thomas E. Perez, who heads the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, to be the next secretary of labor, a choice that promises to provoke a debate with Republicans about voting rights and discrimination. Mr. Perez would replace Hilda L. Solis, who stepped… Read more »

US DOL Announces Major Madoff-Related Benefit Funds Case Settlement

In a settlement that “should go a long way toward making victims financially whole and, hopefully, closing a painful chapter for many workers and families”, US DOL Assistant Secretary of Labor Phyllis Borzi and the NYS Attorney General’s Office announced a settlement that will net over $220 million dollars for Taft-Hartley funds — many in… Read more »

Major USDOL Wage and Hour Settlement

The US Department of Labor entered into a settlement with a major affordable housing industry prime contractor/developer – Lettire Construction — that has held Lettire responsible, as a prime contractor, for the liability of its subcontractors. As a part of the settlement, Lettire is responsible for the wage underpayments of all of its subcontractors. A… Read more »