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Worker Misclassification Hearings

The New York State Legislature has begun drafting legislation to address worker misclassification (e.g. treating workers as independent contractors).  The Assembly bill A08237 and Senate bill (S6194) seek to dramatically revise the standards to limit the improper use of independent contractors. On January 27, 2010, ABGL lawyer, James W. Versocki, testified at the Assembly’s hearing… Read more »

Wage Board Concludes Work – Commissioner Issues Final Order

The 2009 New York State Wage Board has concluded work and the Commissioner of Labor has adopted its report and recommendation.  The Board, which included ABGL attorney James W. Versocki,was tasked with reviewing the wage orders for the New York State Hotel and Restaurant industries.  The Wage Orders regulate working conditions, including wages and hours… Read more »

Lowest Responsible Bidder Testimony

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009, James W. Versocki testified before the New York State Senate Labor committee in support of reform of New York State’s lowest responsible bidder law (General Municipal law section 103). James, testifying on behalf of the Rockland County Building Construction Trades Council, highlighted the need for reform of the definition of… Read more »

James Versocki Appointed to Wage Board

On March 18, 2009, New York State Commissioner of Labor M. Patricia Smith appointed James W. Versocki to be a public representative of the 2009 Wage Board. The 2009 Wage Board, which is appointed pursuant to Section 655 of the New York State Labor Law, is required to review and make recommendations to the Commissioner… Read more »